Teen Culture

Teen CultureTeenagers are probably the one particular age group that have a significant segment of popular culture focused on them, and targeting them as an audience. This includes teen music, teen movies, teen magazines, books geared toward teens, and clothing lines created specifically for teens, to name just a few elements.

Teen music is not merely a form of entertainment for teenagers, but also a great way of both expressing themselves artistically (by creating and experimenting with music), as well as “finding themselves” in particular genres of music, or music that focuses on themes that are prominent in teen life, such as love, friendship, relationships, tragedy and loss, and finding oneself lost or disoriented in the world. Teens express themselves not just by the type of music that they listen to (and there are many genres that may appeal to teens), but also by the way they dress (often connected with their musical and other artistic tastes), and whom they associate with, or whom they consider cool and hip, versus all the other “losers.”

Teen culture in general is characterized by deep divisions between different groups and cliques, many of them quite stereotypical (the “popular kids,” “the jocks,” “the nerds,” etc.) Many teen movies exploit and parody these aspects of teen life and teen culture. Teenagers also have many magazines written for (sometimes by) teens, which can provide essential guidance to the “teen life,” forming friendships, experiencing romance for the first time, and other such important experiences.