Teen Life

If you’re a teenager, you probably know all about life’s problems as a teen, and all the changes that your body, your personality, your social circle and skills, your relationships with friends, family, and school must go through in this arduous process of becoming an adult (and if you’re a stereotypical teen, you may well be offended about the “becoming an adult” part–you like to think of yourself as already being one, don’t you?) And if you’ve already left your teenage years behind–recently, or a long time ago–you probably remember most of these things, often with fondness, perhaps mixed with the occasional embarrassment.

Teenage life inevitably has its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and difficulties, its successes and failures. It is, after all, one of the most important and crucial stages of a person’s development, from his or her childhood, when life is (for many people, anyway) relatively easy and carefree and you are provided for (although not everyone has it so easy), to the stage of fully mature adulthood, with its own challenges of having and maintaining a job, raising a family, taking on great responsibilities in life.

If you are experiencing your teen years now, they will certainly be among the most memorable periods of your life. Make the best of them, and don’t forget that any awkward, or even deeply disturbing changes that you are going through biologically, socially and psychologically are normal, and that every one of your peers, as well as your elders, is either experiencing them himself, or has experienced them before. (Sorry for spoiling it for you: you’re not unique in this regard!) Take solace in the fact that they won’t last forever, your body will stop maturing, and your hormonal balance will come back to normal, eventually. Until then, enjoy the ride!